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"This place changed my life! I struggled with debilitating treatment-resistant mental health conditions and concussion complications for years and had pretty much given up hope for a better future. My neuropsychologist recommended neurofeedback and I’m so glad I found Brain & Life Renewal Center. I was somewhat nervous and skeptical going in, but Mr. Jim and Mr. Chris were kind, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. They genuinely care about their patients and are invested in your healing journey. They explained each step of the process clearly and put me at ease. They customized every aspect of my care and worked with me to get me feeling so much better than I ever dreamed possible. I feel like I can actually live and enjoy my life without having to fight just to get through each day. I had my last session with them in September 2022 and am still feeling great!

The neurofeedback treatment itself was fascinating, relaxing, and enjoyable. I just watched Netflix every session and got to see the improvement in my brain waves through visual and audio feedback. The office is a relaxed, cheerful environment.

I truly can’t recommend them enough, they went above and beyond to care for me and they’re passionate about helping people heal. Thank you Mr. Jim and Mr. Chris!"

M. Johnson (March 2023)

“I just want you to know how grateful I am for you and Neurofeedback.  I was just remembering how I felt maybe a year ago or even less and I feel like a different person.  Thank you so much.”

Jennifer K. (January  2022)

“You guys are miracle workers.”

Sami G. (November 2021)

“Jayden, my son, has had a lot of anxiety and obsessive thinking for the past several years.  He was paralyzed with fear and depression.  At age 13 we had to put him on a medication to help stop some of the anxiety and obsessive thoughts.  It wasn’t until we found Neurofeedback that my son’s life changed.  After 15 sessions were able to get Jayden off the medication and now he is able to play soccer without the anxiety and get school work done without the obsessive thoughts that he was a bad kid.  Neurofeedback really worked for him.”

Tammie H. (January 2021)

From Neurotherapist Jim Hale, MS, LPC, LADC-MH


"As a parent of a young child who struggled with seizures and as a result of those seizures had severe behavioral issues, I know the benefits of Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback changed the path of his life as well as giving us, his parents, a loving and endearing child.  My son started Neurofeedback 5 years ago and has received treatments periodically since.  I’m so happy to report that he is a happy and thriving young man today who loves life to the fullest.  We attribute his present-day success with his ability to control his anger, anxiety, and seizure disorder to  Neurofeedback. 

I can personally attest to how Neurofeedback has changed all our lives in the best way possible!"


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