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Please feel free to call or email me for general questions.  You can also use the CONTACT form below OR schedule a CONSULT directly into my schedule.  Click on the SCHEDULE button below.
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Please click on the SCHEDULE button directly below.  This will allow you to make an appointment now on my schedule.  The appointment will be for a FREE 30-minute Zoom consult where we will discuss Neurofeedback in detail.
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Brain & Life Renewal Center

5600 N. May Avenue, Suite 120

Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Enterprise Plaza

Phone (405) 816-7735


Office Hours

Monday thru Friday:

            By appt only


            By appt only

*Brainmaps are completed in morning time slots. *

Choose a time

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Brain & Life Renewal Center Center is located on North May Avenue, Enterprize Plaza.

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